Saturday, May 14, 2005

Penny is cheap, disposable substitute for Shimano TL-FC15

Suppose your neighborhood bike shop neglects to tell you that Shimano is the only manufacturer whose crank puller needs a special separately-sold plug (the TL-FC15 special plug tool for ISIS and Octalink cranks to take off your ISIS cranks.

Turns out a penny makes an acceptable, cheap substitute at a much lower cost. Unless you later decide to use it as a unique copper thimble, it's unfortunately also disposable. (A Singapore 20 cent piece is a bit too large, and also a bit too expensive!)

I am happy because my Klein is quiet again. It needed grease in the bottom bracket shell. I guess that happens when you ride in tropical downpours.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Singapore PM takes advice on English language from Aussies

Mr Lee said an Australian friend recently told him that his Singapore schoolmates spoke a strange type of English.

He added: "In fact they were speaking Singlish! My friend observed that they did not seem to distinguish between "no" and "not". It took me a little while to think of an example in Singlish, 'Money No Enough'".

This unattributed moralizing appears in the article, too: " But speaking clearly to be understood does not mean adopting an artificial English or American accent.". Doesn't that only leave Australian English for your major accent groups?

If you need to be understood by the one billion other English speakers in the world, then it seems you have to pick an internationally recognized accent to model. There aren't that many choices: standard British (BBC), standard American, or that comical accent Australians do in Hollywood movies. Another less likely option is to develop the Singaporean media industry so that English speakers worldwide will become familiar with a Singaporean accent through Singaporean films and TV shows. (If they exported Singapore's Brainiest Kid to other countries, the bullies would have to travel pretty far to beat up the little nerds.)

One more thing...if Channelnewsasia thinks there is such a thing as a Singaporean accent, how come none of their newscasters has one? They all sound American or British to me, and not at all like what you hear out on the street in Singapore.

Bamboo/carbon mountain bike frame

I suppose bamboo fits in with the natural environment for some mountain bike trails.