Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bach a teenage virtuoso

The music world seems surprised to discover that Johann Sebastian Bach displayed a talent for music even as young as age 15, according to recently discovered manuscripts.

Duh. We know he wasn't spending all day chatting on the cell phone, because that hadn't been invented yet.

And we know he wasn't cramming for his AP calculus exams because AP hadn't been invented yet, either.

And neither had calculus, for that matter!

And don't get me going on all the TV shows Bach didn't watch after school. Watching Happy Days...transcribing Buxtehude...who do you suppose ended up the better musician as an adult?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Remix: Star Trek and The Simpsons

Video of a Star Trek and The Simpsons theme song remix.

Pluto demoted!

The International Astronomical Union recently stripped Pluto of its planetary status it has enjoyed for over seventy-five years. Proponents of Pluto respond.

Daily Bugle: Spiderman revealed!

Perhaps Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is more appropriate.


Drivemocion, an illuminating car message sign "helps you improve communication with other drivers." This widget reflects a recent Kaiser Permanente radio advertisement informing listeners hand gesturing to other drivers is not considered exercise.

Ghost Ride Da Whip

Ghost Ride Da Whip, a new method to help you get nominated for the Darwin Awards, involves performing some fancy footwork upon exiting your moving vehicle. Insurance clauses will reflect this new trend.

Infographics - visualizing data

The International Networks Archive collects a variety of data to produce a series of infographics showing various aspects of globalization, including the popularity of the bicycle and the dominance of McDonald's over Starbucks.