Sunday, October 22, 2006

Choke on a Pretzel

It took a while, but the Choke on a Pretzel song is finally done!

1. In California and in New England
'Round the Great Lakes proud and blue
In the big cities we hear the people
Listen, and you'll hear them, too

The first time wasn't far enough
For someone known for standin' tough
We're waiting for the moment when
Your chance comes 'round again

Choke on a pretzel! Choke on a pretzel!
Bash your head against a chair
Choke on a pretzel! Choke on a pretzel!
'Til your lungs run out of air
It seems our only sure defense
Is hoping for more accidents
Can't happen to a better guy/at a better time
This twisted way to die!

2. Not by a missile or an explosion
Or from some birds with the flu
Not by some water, flooding or poisoned
Or air with too much CO2

The irony would just get lost
And snack food has the lowest cost
The greatest chance of getting through
This wish we have for you

Update: Choke on a Pretzel is now available on iLike!