Wednesday, October 05, 2005

C is for Chinese?

In Singapore, it is widely believed that the best food comes from the food stalls with the lowest hygiene rating. But Chinese restauranteurs in Los Angeles haven't yet figured out this marketing angle. They're actually complaining!

According to the article, "county officials point out that 80% of the restaurants in L.A. County carry an A, yet it is difficult to find an authentic Chinese eatery consistently in the top tier of health compliance."

One restaurant owner says, "We're not going to put up with it anymore. I'm tired of C standing for Chinese restaurant."

There is also this handy info:

The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 76 million Americans contract a food-borne illness each year. In the restaurant business, inspectors guard against dangers such as these.

Top factors in food-borne illness outbreaks and percent caused by each. More than one factor is often involved in an outbreak.

  • Inadequate cooling: 63%
  • Preparing food ahead of time: 29%
  • Inadequate hot holding temperatures: 27%
  • Poor personal hygiene/infected persons: 26%
  • Inadequate reheating: 25%
  • Unclean equipment: 9%
  • Using leftovers: 7%
  • Cross-contamination of foods: 6%
  • Inadequate cooking: 5%

Customers: the obstacle to customer service in Singapore

It sounds like something out of The Onion, but it's not! Channelnewsasia advises the Singaporean customer, "if you are looking for good service, be a reasonable customer first."

When you ask someone to rate the service standard in Singapore, the answer is almost always a 'poor'.

That is the reason the government is working towards helping to improve the service culture in Singapore.

See, if people just gave better answers to these surveys, the problem would be solved. And if there's any place in the world where the government and media can launch a successful campaign to get people give better answers, it would be Singapore!

It is nice to see Channelnewsasia reporting both sides of this important story.